by Kory

Bead Your Astrology, I say!

When you don your one-of-a-kind Natal Star jewelry, you get to move through your day in a beautiful piece of custom jewelry that showcases your personality, essential nature and is also a map of your solar system at the time of your first breath. Each piece of jewelry will be a mathematically accurate and artfully meaningful depiction of your western astrological birth chart. You'll be able to read where the planets, asteroids and significant points lay at the time of your birth. No one will ever have the same Natal Star Necklace jewelry as you, because you are unique, born at a precise time, date and place on earth AND you have your own style! I design for women and men and older kids, and am working with a massive and expanding collection of beads.

I grew up with an astrologer mom so I've been steeped in astrological meaning my whole life. For each feature in your natal chart, I delve into the meaning and choose a bead to artistically represent this part of you. I focus on your smaller pieces for a couple hours give or take and your larger pieces for three or four hours. Your piece will contain stone and glass beads as well as possibly metal, ceramic and shell. My creations are not like birthstone jewelry with a birth month standard stone - I don't use the same stones/beads for the same planets, I make one-of-kind-jewelry. I take into account the sign, element, house and connectivity when choosing the coloring, size, material and shape of each bead. As examples, I typically reserve round beads for all planets, and I work with color associations for planets and signs and I'm inspired by element associations in materials. You can request any preferences in my customization process. It's an eclectic mix based on the meaning and esthetics of your unique birth chart, your style preferences and my designer's eye!

I've designed three beautiful versions of my signature Natal Star Necklace so you can have the design right for you. Each necklace has between 16 and 27 feature beads. The 12 signs of the zodiac are represented by an esthetic and meaningful combination of colors in either seed beads or pony beads. The anklet, bracelet and earrings are designed for more exact measurements on a progressively smaller but enduringly meaningful scale. I have honed the completion of my jewelry with crimping beads, wire guards and artful toggle clasps (other clasp types can be requested). With the goal of longevity, I encourage avoiding kinking, torquing, dropping and weight-bearing storage of your necklaces. I store my jewelry in a drawer and do not bathe or swim with my pieces.

All your orders will come with your birth/bead chart, and an intro to your natal report from my licensed software, TimePassages by AstroGraph.

Get your jewelry started!