Welcome to your basic astrology primer to get you excited about your Natal Star jewelry!

The planets, asteroids and significant points represent the many aspects of our personality. The planets are the most important drivers in our charts. They are the basic psychological functions, the driving energies, the action verbs. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac and they rotate clockwise through the 12 numbered houses of the chart wheel. We all have each of the signs in a certain house. The signs describe how the planetary energies express in action. They are the color and style. The houses tell where in life actions takes place. For our purposes we often refer to the Planets as including the all those entities that represent our basic psychological functions.

Astrological charts contain the planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto; the comet Chiron; the four major traditional asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno; the seven significant axis or points, Rising(Ascendant)/Descendant, Midheaven(Medium Coeli)/Nadir(Imum Coeli), North Node/South Node and Part of Fortune. I also include Earth, black moon Lilith, and dwarf planets Eris, MakeMake and Haumea. All are represented in our charts by symbols, mathematically located in both a sign and house, based on their exact location in the solar system at a specific date and time. For our purposes we refer to the Planets as including all those entities that represent our basic psychological functions: the planets, Sun, Moon, Chiron, the dwarf planets and the asteroids.
Scroll down for basic descriptive words for the the planets, signs and houses...

The Planets:

Sun: Identity, consciousness, purpose
Moon: Emotions, feelings, habits
Mercury: Thinking, speaking, learning, reasoning
Venus: Attraction, love, value, beauty
Mars: Action, assertiveness, desire, strength
Jupiter: Seeking, truth, ethics, journeying
Saturn: Order, form, discipline, duty
Uranus: Uniqueness, liberation, rebellion
Neptune: Transcendence, unity, spirituality
Pluto: Transformation, breakthrough, renewal
Ceres: Unconditional love, nurturing

Eris: Goddess of Strife, Stimulation and Rivalry, woman warrior, regeneration, motherhood, genetics

MakeMake: Easter Island God of Humanity, ecology, achievement, sacrifice, resource administration

Haumea: Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth & Fertility, naturalism, conscious rebirth, life nurturing
Earth: Personal physical path, service to humanity, grounding, attachment

Pallas: Creative wisdom, original perceptions

Vesta: Integration, focus

Juno: Meaningful relationships

Chiron: Healing, understanding

The Angles and Lunar Nodes:

Ascendant or Rising: sunrise, spring equinox, personal style
Descendant: sunset, fall equinox, relationships
Medium Coeli (MC) or Midheaven: noon, summer solstice, worldly achievement
Imum Coeli (IC) or Nadir: midnight, winter solstice, inner heritage
North Node: definition of soul intention
South Node: consciousness or repetition of old patterns

The Signs:

Aries the Ram: The Pioneer, "I am." "I need to be independent and self aware."
Personal, Cardinal, Yang Fire sign
Taurus the Bull: The Builder, "I have." "I need to be resourceful, productive and stable."
Personal, Fixed, Yin Earth sign
Gemini the Twins: The Communicator, "I think." "I need to communicate with and learn from others."
Personal, Mutable, Yang Air sign
Cancer the Crab: The Nurturer, "I feel." "I need to give and receive emotional warmth and security
Personal, Cardinal, Yin Water sign
Leo the Lion: The Performer, "I show." "I need to express myself creatively and be appreciated by others."
Interpersonal, Fixed, Yang Fire sign
Virgo the Virgin: The Analyst, "I analyze." "I need to analyze, discern and function efficiently."
Interpersonal, Mutable, Yin Earth sign
Libra the Scales: The Diplomat, "I relate." I need to cooperate with others and create balance and harmony in my life."
Interpersonal, Cardinal, Yang Air sign
Scorpio the Scorpion: The Healer, "I transform." I need deep involvements and intense transformations."
Interpersonal, Fixed, Yin Water sign
Sagittarius the Centaur: The Explorer, "I seek." "I need to explore and expand the horizons of my mind and world."
Transpersonal, Mutable, Yang Fire sign
Capricorn the Mountain Goat: The Governor, " I utilize." I need structure, organization and social accomplishment."
Transpersonal, Cardinal, Yin Earth sign
Aquarius the Water Bearer: The Reformer, "I differ." I need to be innovative, original and be an agent of change."
Transpersonal, Fixed, Yang Air sign
Pisces the Fish: The Dreamer, "I imagine." "I need to commit myself to a dream or ideal and work towards it's realization."
Transpersonal, Mutable, Yin Water sign

The Houses:

1st: Persona, appearance, vitality, public image
2nd: Personal possessions, resources, materialism
3rd: Thinking, communication, early education
4th: Private self, home, roots, family, emotional security
5th: Creative self-expression, romance, risk, play
6th: Self-improvement, work, service, health
7th: Partnerships, relationships, agreements
8th: Relational transformation, joint possessions
9th: Truth, foreign travel, philosophy, higher education
10th: Vocation, reputation, status, authority, life's work
11th: Social organization and aspirations, ideals,
12th: Self-transcendence, subconscious, solitude, karma

Special note on Houses: I can design your jewelry and prepare Time Passages astrological charts and reports using 8 house systems. I'll use Placidus, unless you request: Koch, Campanus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Equal, Whole Sign and Natural.

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