"I LOVE my Natal Star necklace! The longer length is great because I can either wear it long or wrap it twice for a choker-style necklace. The colors allow it to go with any color and I feel special and unique when I'm wearing it. Great job and excellent quality.

~ Andrea 

"I like the idea of looking out through my birth chart when I am wearing my Natal Star Necklace. I can choose a focus on a strength I am 'living into' that my chart has highlighted for me. The necklace is a tangible celebration of my purpose."

~ Karen 

​"I love wearing my Natal Star Necklace for a variety of occasions. It feels meaningful to wear jewelry that is not only symbolic of my birth chart, but made by a dear friend. In addition to owning a Natal Star Necklace, I've gone to Keeley for jewelry repairs. It's exciting watching her fix broken earrings and necklaces with updated beading and clasps. Keeley creates beautiful, detailed jewelry and knows how to infuse old pieces with new life."

~ Lisa Lisa

"I have one of Keeley's Natal Star necklaces. It is beautiful. It shows the work, the creativity, and the love she includes in her art. I feel quite lovely when I wear it. Lots of color and variety in the beads make up the necklace, and will be a blessing to the wearer."

~ Charlotte Charlotte