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With the Natal Star Key Fob in your pocket or ignition you'll be protected by the planets, asteroids, nodes and signs found in your 3rd and 9th houses of travel near and far, and the connections they make in your western astrological birth chart. Your fob will contain glass beads as well as possibly stone, crystal, metal, ceramic, or shell. It's an tactile mix!

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Your Natal Star Key Fob comes with pony beads for the signs and feature beads for your 3rd and 9th houses of travel, and hangs from a ring easily added to your keys. Your Key Fob will come with your birth/bead chart and a few interpretation paragraphs for your 3rd and 9th houses, from my licensed software, TimePassages by AstroGraph. If these materials pique your interest, I encourage you to buy your full report, which runs about 30 pages of well-written interpretations for all your chart placements. 

To start the creation of your Natal Star Key Fob, just complete the customization boxes below. I look forward to getting started on your key fob!

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