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Bead Your Astrology! When you wear your Natal Star Anklet you'll be kicking it encircled in the zodiac wheel of your western astrological birth chart. You'll see where the planets, asteroids and significant points were at the time of your birth, represented by semiprecious gemstone and glass beads as well as possibly crystal, metal, ceramic, or shell. It's a fun mix!

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Your custom Natal Star Anklet will contain 16 - 25 feature beads (choice of fewer, larger or more, smaller; for your style preference), plus 8 house cusp beads (4 of the 12 cusp beads are feature beads), and 5 seed beads or 2 or 3 pony beads for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. More feature beads means a full look and a more thorough chart representation. Fewer feature beads means a dramatic look and an essential chart representation. If unsure, I will go with 25 (or 17 with unsure time). Your choices:
25: Sun, Moon, Ascendant & other 3 angles, North & South Nodes, 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets, 3 asteroids & Chiron
: Sun, Moon, Ascendant & other 3 angles, North & South Nodes, 8 planets & 5 dwarf planets
: Sun, Moon, Ascendant & other 3 angles, North & South Nodes, 7 planets & Pluto
I offer a 4th version with no angle or cusp beads for those without an exact birth time:
17: Sun, Moon, North & South Nodes, 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets, 

I use Beadalon 19 strand, 0.015 in. beading wire for seed beads or 49 strand, 0.019 in. beading wire for pony beads and finish with crimping beads, wire guards and artful toggle clasps (other clasp types can be requested). 

The Anklet is also available as a Relationship Anklet with a composite chart merged from the natal charts of two loved ones. Your anklet will come with your birth/bead chart, and an intro to your natal report (or composite report), composed of interpretations for your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, from my licensed software, TimePassages by AstroGraph. Please also familiarize yourself with my About the Astrology page for a lexicon of key words for the planets, angles, nodes, signs and houses. If these enclosed materials pique your interest, I encourage you to order your full report, which runs about 30 pages of well-written interpretations for all your chart placements.

To start the creation of your Natal Star Anklet you'll just fill in the following information in the boxes below:
>Your birth date, place (closest town) and time (hour and minute if possible, for exactness)
>Your feature bead number/size choice and your color likes and dislikes (Be as specific, or not, as you want about what colors you like to wear. Either way, all colors used will reflect the elements of your unique chart.)
> An exact length measurement. Length is much more crucial here than for necklaces. The number you send me will be matched as closely as possible and include the clasp, so the anklet will hang where you want it, not too loose or tight. Make sure to account for movement and flex.

And also feel free to ask any questions beforehand. I will reply with answers and possibly followup questions.  I look forward to getting started on your anklet!

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