Natal Star Nodal Earrings

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When you wear your Natal Star Earrings you'll be showcasing a key story found in your birth chart, featuring your Lunar Nodal journey, with connected planets and points. I consult with an evolutionary astrologer for real chart synthesis in each pair. Your earrings will contain glass and stone beads and possibly crystal, metal, ceramic, or shell. It's a dazzling mix!

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Your Natal Star Nodal Earrings will center around your lunar nodal life structure between your North and South Nodes, their signs and houses and their aspects to other planets and points. Your earrings will tell a story. Oh, and they can be either classically symmetrical or dynamically asymmetrical!

Your beaded Natal Star Nodal Earrings will hang in a loop from a fish hook finding. You choose if you would like seed beads or pony beads for zodiac signs. I use my Beadalon 19 strand, 0.015 in/0.38 mm beading wire for seed beads, or Soft Flex 49 strand, 0.019 in, 26 lb test strength for pony beads, and finish with crimping beads and wire guards.

Your earrings will come with your birth/bead chart, and an intro to your natal report (or composite report), composed of interpretations of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, from my licensed software, TimePassages by AstroGraph. Please also familiarize yourself with my About the Astrology page for a lexicon of key words for the planets, angles, nodes, signs and houses. If these materials pique your interest, I encourage you to buy your full report, which runs about 30 pages of well-written interpretations for all your chart placements.

To start the creation of your Natal Star Nodal Earrings, just complete the customization boxes below. I look forward to designing your earrings!

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